This page has been designed for parents to gain a better understanding of all the issues faced with when you have a child who requires rehabilitation.
We hope that this website will improve your knowledge and confidence around your child’s illness, the hospitalisation and rehabilitation process, future health needs and other issues such as schooling and peer relationships.

We aim to provide you information that is easy to understand and will help you and your family and friends to cope with this often difficult situation. This is all part and parcel of the healing process.

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Empowering children with disability and their families to participate in sporting activities.

Dr. Olivia S.H Lee, Christian Collopy, Dr. Sarah Knight, A/Prof Adam Scheinberg.

Participation in sports in the community is a vital component of this. This video draws from the lived experience of a parent and a teenager with disability aspiring to be a sporting champion, the challenges they faced and their inspirational message to younger children and their parents to “give it a go”. In this video, children and parents are able to access information about running and bicycle groups, and how to access different sporting opportunities through the hospital-community disabled-sports-recreational-program. Additional information about sports classification is provided so that competitive young children can have a fair go at their school sporting carnival.


Waiting room Project

AT VPRS we have produced a video to emphasize participation in sports for children with disability. We would like all parents with children of all abilities to view this video and provide us with your feedback. Your opinion and voice as parents and carers managing disability really matters. While the video features children with disability who are more mobile and able, we believe that all children should have that opportunity. We are interested in how sports programs can be catered for all children to participate. Evidently, the benefits of sports participation extend into your child’s function, friendship, family, fitness, fun and future.

After viewing the video it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with feedback on the video by filling out the survey at this address: )

ABI Resources

This is an evolving list of useful resources for children, families and service providers.  If there are links or services that we have not included, please send us an email at and we will add them to our list.

Growing up with an acquired brain injury (ABI): A guide for parents and carers.   Written for parents by the Brain Foundation.  It is easy to read and includes tips and strategies from other parents whose child has sustained a brain injury.

Changed lives: brain injury information kit    This kit is designed for people who have a brain injury, and their family members

RCH Kids Health Info  This is the Royal Children’s Hospital website for medical information written for parents. Hopefully, fact sheets help you to better understand or care for your child with a health problem. The Rehabilitation Team have adapted information sheets from the Westmead Children’s Hospital brain injury team.  These provide specific information about behaviour, physical skills, daily living and schooling following brain injury. Once on the site if you search under B you will see all of the specific sheets related to brain injury, here are some of the links that are currently available: